As a business owner, it might serve you well to consider the needs and wants of your customers. In other words, you should operate your business from a customer oriented approach.A customer oriented business is one that places the customer at the core of the strategies by which There is no single template for creating customer value as no two businesses are the same.Give and life gives something back. Little do you know that by helping these maids, you are helping yourself too. Someday, you never know the maid may surprise you in return or fate will.外傭 That is the same with jogging, weightlifting or doing aerobic. Let's try our best to stay fit and healthy.A maid servant is no slave. If you are an employer, an ordinary citizen or simply a neighbor you do not have to take the term servant seriously. After all, this was a traditional phrase coined in the era of war and depression where there was really much oppression going on. Should you find yourself in a need to 外傭get read of your maid rather retrench other than dismiss her. Retrenchment is due to inevitable problems such as financial problems or relocation.When holding a broom, a mop or a vacuum cleaner, do not just move your arms only. But sometimes dismissal may be for unfair reasons that have nothing go to do with the maid's performance or misdemeanours. 外傭 Employment Agency ?傭中心 In such a situation you should be very careful and avoid landing at the CCMA. It is suitable for working women because they can do housework to lose weight effectively and do not have to spend money on hiring a domestic helper.